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Rejuvenate Winter Family Gatherings With Jordan Hill Farm’s Barn Quilt Keepsakes

jordan-hill-print1If you are looking for a way to beat the winter blues, revitalize and rejuvenate yourself at Jordan Hill Farm in Richmond, KY. The facility’s signature barn quilt is a statement of its welcoming nature as a meeting space for your family gatherings. Experience this spectacular venue with all its warmth and vibrancy, reflective in the orange, green, and white shades of its barn quilt.

Here, the getaway in the midst of Kentucky’s breathtaking countryside explains the history and significance of barn quilts:

  • What They Are: Barn quilts are square wooden blocks with a quilt-like pattern, which are typically hung outside barns, houses, or any other buildings.
  • Their History: Dating back centuries, barn quilts were historically used to decorate barns before paint became available. They were originally created as a representation of something meaningful, and comprised an array of folk art pieces. Their modern versions comprise paint as their primary mode of expression.
  • barn-quiltQuilt Trails: The concept of quilt trails first emerged in Ohio as aseries of barn quilts mapped together. If you want to see Jordan Hill Farm’s quilt trail, you will be provided with a map marked with all the locations.

When you choose this picturesque location to brighten your winters, you get a chance to carry their barn quilt on their exclusive keepsakes. Pick from their wide range of apparel, phone accessories, bags, wall art, home decor, and stationery, created by Lizetteart.

Make the most of the indoor and outdoor entertainment facilities at this beautiful landscape in Central Kentucky. Soak in the tranquility of the surrounding hills and flowing brooks, which make it the ideal meeting space for your company and family gatherings. Put your feet up and relax at Jordan Hill Farm’s vacation rental spaces, fully furnished with unmatched amenities and hospitality services.

Call (859) 623-0807 and book an appointment with Jordan Hill Farm to view the 85-acre private location for your upcoming family gatherings. Find out more about their available packages and attractions on theirwebsite. Stay updated about their latest news and happenings through their official Facebook page.

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